Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Greatest Day of All Ever.

You might be wondering why I'm saying that today is "the greatest day of all ever"....

So, I just heard from Sister O'Driscoll updating me on what's going on in Massillon. Lazaro and Laticia are still progressing well towards their baptism and they are excited. And Lazaro's brother Erick decided that he wants to be baptized, too!!!! So the three of them are getting baptized September 14th and I am so happy!!!!!! Sister O'Driscoll said, "lazaro's brother erick who has been listening to pieces of our lessons, brought in a chair, sat down and asked if he would have to give up his martial arts if he were to be baptized. :) i was glad we could tell him no he did not!" Really, though. This news brightened my day like a thousand shining suns. :) Also, Leilani (in the Massillon South area) is getting baptized Saturday and I could not be more happy for her. The gospel can bring so much more happiness into people's lives and it is so amazing being able to watch it happen. :)

Also, both Sister O'Driscoll and Sister Chapman are training again. No surprise there (though they both said that they were shocked haha). I love them so much and I'm very excited for them!

I really wish that I could be back in Massillon right now, but I am so happy that things are going well for so many people that I love. Yay!!!!!

An update on my health...

I've been to a few different specialists in the last week and I've had lots of tests done. So far, the results from the tests have been fine. So, that's good! (meaning that nothing "big" is wrong.) I'm going to a doctor again later today so that they can draw my blood for the 5,023rd time (okay, the 5th time..). Thank you all for your prayers and support! :)

Crazy face with my three best friends: the Schnood, Ben, & Jerry. :)

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