Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29, 2013 Massillon, Ohio

Friends and Familia!!
Hey! So this week was crazy. Crazy as in I've been really sick still..... I was stuck in the apartment almost the whole week. I went to a doctor on Friday. The long story short is that they did some bloodwork, but they haven't sent the results to my doctor yet. If they don't call within a couple of hours I'm going to call and yell at them in a very Christlike way. ;) Basically the story of this week goes like this....
#1) Monday was GREAT! I was feeling pretty good all afternoon! The nicest woman ever in my ward took all four of us to get pedicures. My toes are hot pink! The even greater part is that I talked to the woman who was doing my pedicure for a long time... I never thought that you could have a conversation about the gospel with someone who is awkwardly working on your feet... but it turns out that you can! The lady was so nice and wants us to come over and talk to her more later this week! Hoorah!!
#2) We had Family Home Evening with Lazaro and Laticia. It was so great! And they gave us coke to drink. A giant glass of it. And we all know how much I love coke... (hahahahaha.)
#3) At district meeting we sang "Come Unto Jesus" (#117). It's my favorite song of all ever now! Also, the first five notes of the song are now my 'missionary knock.' It's delightful. We also had lemon bars. Yummmm.
#4) We had another tornado warning! Yay!
#5) At a Pioneer Day activity (which I will pretend that I was actually at), we had a really nice talk with Carol. She loved how friendly everyone was and wants to keep coming back. I love Carol!
#6) Hmm. We went singing in a nursing home. There was a man who very enthusiastically clapped after each song. He was so. sweet.
#7) People brought us dinner almost every night this week. I love the people in this ward! And one couple who lives on a farm (okay, not really... just kind of) brought us a dozen green and brown eggs! (shout out to all of my crazy family who has chickens!)
#8) I was making some phone calls on our mini-deck and I ended up talking to our sweet next door neighbor, Pat for a while! We talked a lot about plants (which reminds me that I keep forgetting to send another picture of my pink cosmos plant "Ariel." She is getting so tall!) because she has a gorgeous mini-garden. It was so awesome! And then later that night, she brought us over a pot of blooming pink petunias. And then I hugged her! Yay, Pat! Yay, flowers!
#9) Another fantastic member of our ward gave us an electric piano!! We checked out a couple of hymn books from the church library. I've been playing the piano at the beginning of studies when we sing a hymn. Also. The Children's Song book: best thing ever. Have you ever read the introduction to it? I hadn't until yesterday. It's delightful!
So.... there have been better weeks, but we keep trying to be optimistic! I have definitely learned that your attitude can change everything about a situation. This week is going to be great. We're going to talk to precisely 73,082 people this week. And we're going to make Pat peanut butter cookies. :) I hope that you all are having a good week. And to my little bro and cousins who go to EFY today... have fun!!
-Sista Heather Benson!


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