Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 - Massillon, Ohio

Heyyy Friends and Familia!
So right now I am so, so happy! I am in the Historic Massillon library. . . which means that I'm out of the apartment! I've had some kind of flu for about four days now.... and I was cooped up in the apartment going CRAZY for 2 days! I'm sure that you can tell from my crazy pictures that this week was pretty much so strange. I'm not really sure what to say about this last week except for that it was weird. I can't wait for this next week! It's going to be awesome.
#1) When Sister O'Driscoll and I went up to North Canton to have dinner with a member. She brought her friend who met with missionaries about a year ago. She was really nice and it was great to be able to have dinner with her! Major side note: Their house is literally the most massive house I have ever been in.... she even had taffeta swooping off of her kitchen chairs....... who does that???
#2) Meeting with our crazy Cuban investigators.... who set their own baptism date for August 31. We think that it will be good because we want them to be self-motivated in doing it. We're very excited for them. Sister O'Driscoll and Sister Chapman went on exchanges while I was dying and they watched the Restoration DVD with them. They loved it! And their grandkids even watched too! Yay!
#3) When one of the members in our ward went to the store for us to get us a rotiserie chicken, french fries, and cheese. We were dying and it was pretty much the nicest thing ever. She is heaven sent.
#4) Having dinner with Sister Chapman at a member's house in Canal Fulton.
#5) Watching "Forever Families" in hopes of giving it to a woman we've been visiting. It's the cheesiest movie ever and was made in the early '90s. Sister Astle and I died laughing.
#6) Our water baloon fight that we had in our backyard after planning one night.... And the fireflies were out! :) :) :)
#7) Getting out of the apartment this morning! Yayyyy!
I love being a missionary. But being sick on a mission is the worst thing ever because all you want to do is go out and work! Really, I've gone crazy this week. I am so, so excited to get out and go help people this week! Yay!
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and letters!
-Sista Benson!!!!
(overly enthusiastic right now? definitely possible.)

Our classy car; His name is Shmitty.  He's a 2013 Chevy Cruze.



And pretty much the funniest picture ever.  Don't judge!

North Canton!

It was 101 degress F.  It was 108 earlier but I didn't have my camera!
 (Also:  I'm listening to the CD you sent me, Dad!)
 She's Classy!!!

Um...We may or may not have had a water balloon fight.:)

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