Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 27, 2013 Last P-Day in MTC the day before leaving May 28th to Cleveland, Ohio

Subject: Week 2 MTC!

Friends and Family!!
This week has absolutely flown by! I am honestly not sure where the 
time went, but here I am on Monday May 27th heading out to Cleveland 
tomorrow morning at 4am! (By the way- for those who asked. 6:30 am 
breakfast means that we get up at 5:45. :) ) This experience in the MTC 
has been amazing and so much fun. I have made so many new friendships 
that I'm sure will last a lifetime, even though it has only been two 
weeks. Siser Hawkins and I have taught nine lessons together now. Some 
have been better than others... but we are getting better! We have one 
last lesson to teach tonight- we're really excited! I honestly cannot 
remember everything that has happened this week- it has been a blur. 
One thing that I really enjoyed this week was in-field orientation on 
Thursday. It made me so excited to go to Ohio tomorrow! I'm not sure if 
I said this before, but everyone in my district is going to Cleveland, 
which is awesome. (Side note: one thing that our district does is 
called "Trip-D" aka "Daily District Discussion" right before we go back 
to our residence halls at night. Basically we share our favorite 
experiences/best jokes from throughout the day. When people say that 
your district becomes like your family: they don't lie. Other side 
note: Elders and Sisters can't high-five. So instead we 
enthusiastically handshake. That is what Elder Anderson and I are doing 
in the attached picure.)
   Last night we went to a devotional by Steven B. Allen from the 
director of the missionary department. I have never felt the spirit so 
strong in my life! He truly was an inspired man. We listened to and 
then sang "Come, Come, Ye Saints" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I 
would encourage you all to look it up on youtube. It is a very amazing 
and spiritual song. After the devotional, we watched a rebroadcast of 
Sister Frances Monson's funeral. It was the most beautiful funeral that 
I have ever "been to." It is sad to see her go, the world really has 
lost an amazing woman, but at the same time it is so great to know that 
she is in a better place and that her family will be able to see her 
again. After that last night, we had one last Trip-D in the grass 
outside with cinnamon rolls- bittersweet but very exciting.
   I never thought that I would feel prepared to go and teach people 
about the gospel. I never thought that I would know what to say or how 
to say it. The amazing thing is that through the MTC, my wonderful 
teacher and the way that they taught through the spirit, I do feel 
ready. I may not be perfect, but I know that the Lord will help me. The 
gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing to me in my life. I 
want nothing more than to be able to share that happiness with others. 
I have such a strong testimony of this gospel. Jesus Christ really is 
the Savior of the world, but more importantly, he is your Savior. If 
you will trust in him, I know that no matter what trial you are going 
through that you can make it through it with his help. If you haven't 
ever read the Book of Mormon or you have, but aren't reading it right 
now- start today. I know that it will change your life; it changed 
mine. And as always- "ask the missionaries, they can help you!"
I love you all!
Sister Heather A. Benson

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