Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 Massillon, Ohio

Friends and Familia!
Things are going good in the Ohio! It is slowly getting hotter and more humid here- always a good time. (The strangest thing ever is when you go outside and can literally see the rain droplets in the air. Crazy.) This last week was good and bad. Sister O'Driscoll was really sick at the beginning of the week and I wasn't feeling so hot either. So we couldn't go out and work very much. When we finally got over that, almost all of our appointments cancelled on us. Lame! We had a trainer's meeting in Kirtland on Friday. That was really, really good. It gave us the extra boost of encouragement that we really needed. On Saturday we were absolutely determined to find someone who actually wanted to hear what we have to say. By the end of the day, we were so tired, but it was so worth it! We did find a new investigator. She was actually a former investigator from a few years ago who only met with the missionaries probably once. We left a card on her door on Friday and then went back again on Saturday. She was sitting outside on a chair (waiting for us to come? duh! ;)) watching her son bike with the neighbor kids. We talked to her about how our message can help her have more peace in her life and help her overcome whatever challenges she may be having. She then said, "It is so interesting that you guys came now, because I have been having a really hard time lately." It always amazes me when people say that. It just further confirms to me that the Lord's timing is perfect. It was such a great moment and I am so, so grateful that we were able to find her. I can't wait to go back and talk to her later this week. I am loving my mission and I am so happy to be here! The gospel is true! :)
Thank you to all of you who have written me! I'll try and write back soon!
-Sista Heather Benson

PS Later today we are going to play sand volleyball with the Elders. Yay, P-Day. Last P-Day we found a really cute cupcake shop and got delicious cupcakes (not as good as the Cocoa Bean though....). I also learned what a buckeye is! Everyone here thinks that we're crazy. It's fine.
Pictures of half of our district at trainer's meeting! The other half had a different mtg for the other half of the state...:(
Fun, though!

Random cut off deer head!

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